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With fast, always-on protection, new McAfee VirusScan lets you surf, e-mail, download and chat with less worry about viruses, spyware, worms, Trojan horses and other malicious threats. Proven PC security recognized with an "Editor's Choice" award from (August 2005), McAfee VirusScan downloads and installs in minutes, then automatically looks for known and unknown viruses in both inbound and outbound e-mail, as well as downloads, discs, CD-ROMs, DVDs and throughout your PC. If problems are found, VirusScan immediately attempts to clean, quarantine or delete the infections. Pro-active spyware blocking on access also stops potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) like key-loggers from trying to install or launch on your system before they can steal personal information. Best of all, McAfee VirusScan automatically updates your anti- virus protection daily, for zero-hour protection from the latest threats. Plus, it scans for viruses in messages and attachments in the most popular e-mail clients and instant messaging programs, including MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Eudora and others. You also get ScriptStopper and WormStopper, which block fast-spreading, script-based viruses and mass-mailing worms. Proven security, McAfee VirusScan is the easy, automatic way to help keep your PC virus-free.

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